Ultrasonic device

Intense Ultra

Intense Ultra is an ultra-high-density ultrasound device, which is made in Germany. It can be used for most skin depending on frequency, intensity, time, and mode using three frequencies: 1 MHz, 3 MHz, and 10 MHz.Our specialized handpiece contacts the skin and the ultrasonic wavelength is directly transmitted to the underlying tissue, showing the effect on various layers of the skin.

  • Sensitive skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Blushing face
  • Skin elasticity
  • Remove Wrinkles

Intensultra uses ultra-high-density ultrasonic energy.

Intensultra uses ultra-high-density ultrasonic energy.

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Intense Ultra

Intense Ultra is a skin care equipment developed by IONTO COMED in Germany that focuses on skin health and anti-aging by equipped with 1,3Mhz and 10Mhz-handpieces.

In particular, 10Mhz of Intense Ultra focuses on the top layer of the skin to control inflammation and inflammation processes that it improves skin structure.

In addition, epithelial cells are activated by the negative pressure stage, which effectively acts on skin regeneration, moisturization, and elasticity.

Treatment Principles

Ultrasound energy penetrates into the fibroblast layer (SMAS), below the dermal layer and causes a fine thermal coagulation reaction. This thermal coagulation reaction improves elastic and healthy skin by contracting skin tissue along with skin regeneration.

In addition, high-density ultrasound is produced during the procedure, which activates skin fibroblasts cells to promote collagen regeneration. It also inhibits new proteins and proteases that prevent collagen production and boosts skin elasticity by activating collagen production enzymes.

Epidermis (Surface)
Provides active substances to the skin and improves skin texture by promoting blood flow

Dermis (skin)
It produces skin cell connective tissue and stimulates collagen formation. It causes smooth metabolism and accelerates the supply of important nutrients to the skin.

Subcutaneous tissue
If you look at the GAG layers of unhealthy skin, the moisture is twisted or lumped, and if you infiltrate with mechanical ultrasound, the surface area is expanded by physical force, which adds vitality to the skin cells and helps to maintain a clear and transparent skin layer.

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