Innovation in liquid-based devices


Glow Solution is a treatment that is completed in 4 stages and provides a program that it is effective for sensitive and troubled skin through suitable liquids in each of the 4 stages.
In each of the 4 stages, treatment is carried out with a dedicated handpiece with special attachments.

  • Each handpiece has a sound pressure gauge for detailed treatment.
  • The active ingredient liquid is provided for each step of the procedure.
  • The 4 procedures are used in the right place for the skin through a handpiece dedicated to each step.
  • The active ingredient liquid cleans around the special attachment of the handpiece and adds moisture to the dry skin.

The beginning of a long-lasting, fresh skin!

IONTO-COMED presents Hydro-based treatment principles to massage three layers of Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous Tissue and basic SMAS (face fascia).

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The Beginning of Healthy Beauty

- Push Up effect: Maintain a more beautiful and smooth skin through visible effects
- Soft Focus Effect: Improve skin, reduce pigmentation spots, and reduce wrinkles
- 4 active ingredients liquid + individual serum = Increase skin care effectiveness in depth
- All three levels of skin care from epidermis to subcutaneous.
- Fibrous subcellular stimulation
- Increased blood circulation and cellular metabolism
- Stimulates the SMAS (face fascia) layer to maintain tightness of skin tissue

Glow Solution Effect

Treatment with Glow Solution has the following effects, especially:

- Visible reduction of redness and wrinkles
- Strengthen the firmness and elasticity of skin tissue
- Skin whitening effect
- Pore refining effect
- Soft Skin Effect
- Skin refresh through lifting

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The Device is not Medical Device.