It is common for the treatment to penetrate as deep as possible into the essence or ampoule and then soften the skin wall. This penetration helps the treatment as long as it stays in the skin.

Treatment Effect with GALVANO

IONTO GALVANO is a useful beauty device for penetrating solution into the skin, and it gives a steady current (direct current) so that ion energy can penetrate between the skin using the same current.
The positive charge is caused by the positive electrode and the negative charge is emitted from the negative electrode. Through this, it creates an inverted pole and penetrates the solution effectively.
The penetrating solution should be taken care of whether it is + pole or - pole before injecting the appropriate solution into the customer's skin.
The positive effects of the reversal are as follows.

  • Improving blood circulation
  • Strengthen skin cells
  • Strengthen skin's water storage capability
  • Strengthen skin's water storage capability

The Device is not Medical Device.