AQUASONIC (galvanic) uses low frequencies to cleanse various dead skin cells and wastes such as sebum and hair follicles on the surface of the skin.
It is especially effective in removing small-sized pimples or sebum layers, so it is a treatment device that is suitable for people who often have sensitive skin or skin trouble.

Galvanic treatment process and effect

  • First, apply an Aqua Sonic Emulsion (IONTO COMED PROFESSIONAL CARE: Facial Toner + Peeling Powder) to the face.
  • Then start treatment as if pushing the skin of the face with a low frequency galvanic handpiece.
  • This procedure removes residues, sebum, and dead cells from the outer skin.
  • Peeling off skin peels also speeds up recovery of microscopic wounds on the skin that have been injured by dust or microorganisms.
  • It can also be used as a good supporting treatment device for traditional skin improvement procedures such as chronic skin trouble.
  • Not a diamond plate scrub, but Aqua Sonic Treatment removes fine foreign substances from the skin without damaging the skin, providing a very smooth skin texture after treatment.
  • It can also be used for sensitive or thin skin, which can also have a significant effect on the formation of protective membranes that strengthen the skin's outer walls.

The Device is not Medical Device.