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[Intense Ultra] How can I change the language setting, If it is in German?

On the main screen of the monitor, click on the wheel-shaped setting and you will see two versions of Language (Sprache): DE (German) and EN (English).
If you click EN here, it will change to English.

[Intense Ultra] What is the penetration depth of ultrasonic energy at 1 MHz, 3 MHz, and 10 MHz in the Intense Ultra?

1 MHz is transmitted to the skin's 3CM depth with 1000 vibrations per second.
The 3MHz vibrates 3000 times a second, delivering energy to the skin's 1CM depth.
The 10 MHz oscillates 10 million times a second, delivering energy up to 0.3 CM depth of the skin.
The more you shake the substrate of the ultrasound, the shorter the penetration depth.

[Intense Ultra] Why do we use a 10 MHz handpiece separately?

Intense Ultra can select a frequency of 1,3,10 MHz depending on the skin type and skin thickness.
You can think of it as a frequency that affects the DERMIS layer at 10 MHz = 0.3 cm, but 10 MHz has a 3x more effect than 1.3 MHz.
Healthy skin can be by making the appropriate dead skin cells and thicker dermis layers and strengthening the skin barrier between the epidermis and the dermis. This dermis protects the skin from external shocks, provides nutrients to the epidermis, and removes waste.
Thus, 10 MHz of Intense Ultra causes cells to vibrate up to about 0.3 cm of dermis to break down the waste or damaged cells that cells possess, and activate the skin's immune system to help regenerate the skin. It also helps to contain a lot of moisture in your skin.

[Intense Ultra] What is the effect of Intense Ultra?

Intense Ultra can be selected the frequencies of 1, 3, and 10 MHz depending on the skin type and skin thickness.
Sensitive skin, dry skin, facial redness, conversely, acne and acne red spots, young elastic skin, aging skin, scar tissue, and blood circulation and lymph circulation to improve edema and dark circles.
In fact, Intense Ultra makes the appropriate skin cells from dead skins, a thicker dermis layer and strengthens the skin barrier between the epidermis and the dermis.
The original function of the dermis protects the skin from external shocks, nourishes the epidermis, and removes waste.
There are certain structures in the dermis, such as hair follicles, sweat glands, sebum glands, apocrine glands, and blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerves. And there's the collagen, elastin, and viscous polysaccharide (or glycosaminoclican) that we know best.
There are six types of glycosaminoglycan on the skin. [Hyaluronic acid, condroitin sulfate, dermatan sulfate, heparan sulfate, heparin, and keratin sulfate] There are six kinds. ]
Except for hyaluronic acid, it has sulfate and all glycosaminoglycans have a carbocyst, which is negatively charged overall and has the ability to bond well with water molecules. You have the ability to contain 1,000 times your volume of water. Therefore, the more moisture you add to glycosaminoglycan, the younger and more elastic skin you can make.
So, this is what we know about the hydrophilic injection, which is a procedure that puts hyaluronic acid directly into the dermis. But here's another important thing. When ultrasound vibrations are applied to lymphatic circulation and glycosaminoglycan, this part is organized, arranged, normalized, and activated. Intense Ultra is the skin care equipment what you need at this time!

[Intense Ultra] In addition to using Intense Ultra only, can the effect be maximized if used with various skin procedures?

For example, for lasers that penetrate the skin directly, such as fractional lasers or needle RF, the erythema may last from 3 days to 1 week after treatment. After the procedure, you can feel the heat.
Intense Ultra can help your skin regenerate and soothe your skin, and if you apply PDRN and Exosome together, you can reduce the duration of the erythema and restore your skin faster and expect better results.

[Intense Ultra] What kind of laser treatment can Intense Ultrabe used with?

Lifting procedures such as Thermage FLX, Ulthera, Accentprime'sTunface, Tunliner, Fraxel Dual, Ultra Pulse, Seal Pump, Polaris, All-in-One Therapy for Whitening, Redness, Acne, Highlighter, Excel V, V-beam, etc.

[Intense Ultra] What is the difference between cross-wavelength and single-wavelength?

Intense Ultra consists of a single wavelength, not a cross wavelength.
High-density ultrasound equipment has 1MHz, 3MHz, 10MHz, and a single wavelength that causes cells to tremble through ultrasonic vibrations up to 3cm, 1cm, and 0.3cm of the skin to decompose waste or damaged cells, activate the skin's immune system to help create collagen.
In addition, it is a treatment that helps to contain a lot of moisture in the skin.