IONTO-COMED asks a meaningful question to the advanced technology and the modern society.
Do we live in harmony and balance with nature and health?
In order to find answers to these questions, IONTO-COMED ASIA always puts "harmony with nature" as a top priority, and that is the identity of IONTO-COMED ASIA.
For customers who visit hospitals for more beautiful and lively skin after a monotonous day, our INTENSE ULTRA based on ultrasound can keep skin fresh and it can do SMAS layer massage. As a result, people can get the elastic muscle, fresh skin and also Spa-Sensity is a customized product for customers who want to live a balanced life.
We promise that IONTO-COMED ASIA will work hard to give you a healthy beauty.


Founded in 1979, IONTO-COMED GmbH began in Karlsruhe, Midwest, Germany, and gradually improved beauty device technology through the German domestic market, where skin care was popular in spas and clinics.
This was a huge success throughout Germany, resulting in the completion of a large factory zone in the Nischwitznearby Leipzig in 1990.
Since then, IONTO COMED’S customer has been expanded not only in Germany and Europe, but also around the world, furthermore after the collapse of the Cold War era, international exchanges have expanded not only to Eastern Europe but also to Russia and Central Asia.
In Germany, IONTO COMED’s products, which are famous for their rigorous product inspection, sustainable quality using eco-friendly materials, and advanced technology the reputation, are now available in Korea.