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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Rather than implementing the government's policies or reluctance to fulfill its responsibilities, we, IONTO COMED ASIA, plan and implement activities that are beneficial to meet social expectations and further create social common interests.

Through this social responsibility, we are paying various attention to environmental issues that will be raised steadily in the present and future. We are taking the lead in emphasizing the importance of social responsibility through the establishment of production process lines by saving energy as much as possible, production of eco-friendly materials as possible, and voluntary campaigns on environmental issues.

In addition, we pursue safety first in the workplace and build a climate-friendly delivery system to create an image of a company that harmony with nature.

Through this, customers will be proud to be accompanied by companies that comply with social responsibility while maintaining a healthy beauty through our products.

Human-centered management for customer satisfaction

A lot of people in modern society are experiencing mental stress and depression, so-called "rich diseases." Our IONTO COMED’S products are designed to naturally relieve and present relaxed the "rich disease" experienced by customers.

The ultimate goal of our company is to stand in the shoes of each and every customer and make them feel "emotional." In order to achieve this goal, IONTO COMED ASIA promises to provide healthy beauty to customers while also doing best to satisfy and impress customers.

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Encouraging vocational education to foster juniors

IONTO COMED ASIA Co., Ltd. is contributing to the development of the world's beauty equipment technology by providing its own educational programs. At the 2013 World Skills Fair in Leipzig, IONTO COMED GmbH was adopted as an official sponsor in the field of cosmetics and beauty equipment education.

In addition, we provide constant expertise to the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) to establish beauty industry standards rules. Furthermore to encourage education in the beauty industry, we select talented people and have a 1:1 customized education system. We distribute know-how and information about the beauty industry monthly or annually, continuously supporting the VCP.